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Best Christmas Gifts for Movie-Lovers and Homeowners in 2023

Unboxing a Sonos Era 100 for Christmas

Let the jingle bells ring in high fidelity! This season, say BYE to sweaters, gift cards, or soap bars 😨. A great gift should be thoughtful, practical and aesthetic, and audio gifts get a perfect score. Dive into our handpicked selection of audio products for a gift that can be heard, felt, and experienced long after Christmas. 

Best gifts for movie-lovers

Full Sonos Home Theatre Set-Up

Full Sonos Home Theatre Set-Up

Anyone still relying on their TV’s scratchy built-in speakers in 2023 is missing out on the rumble of cinema-quality 360° sound right in their living room. They need a soundbar! We recommend Sonos, whose soundbars have won the Best Soundbar Awards every year since 2013. There’s a soundbar for every price point – the Sonos Ray ($529 $399), Sonos Beam ($899), and Sonos Arc ($1699). These soundbars can also be upgraded in the future for a full-fledged home theatre system with the Sonos Era series for rear sound, and the Sonos Sub series for deep bass that shakes the mistletoe off the tree. 

For loved ones who prefer a more classic and retro design, consider getting them a set of Klipsch The Fives ($1,299 $999) plug-and-play bookshelf speakers with impressive sound and an immersive soundstage. 

Klipsch The Fives on a deskKlipsch The Fives

Best gifts for homeowners

Man on chair listening to Sonos Era 300Sonos Era 300

Imagine a home where every room dances to the beat of its own drum—literally. The Sonos Era 100 ($449) is perfect for those intimate spaces, while the Sonos Era 300 ($799) fills larger spaces with 6 speakers designed to project sound all around the listener. What’s more, multiple Sonos speakers can be synced and controlled easily via the Sonos app, offering an unmatched ease of use. 


The world of audio has come to a great place in 2023 and it’s hard to go wrong with any of the aforementioned soundbars, speakers, earbuds and headphones. Audio gifts are thoughtful, practical and aesthetic – it’s hard to imagine something better. At the end of the day, which gift you get your loved ones (or even yourself 😉) comes down to price, vibes, and their specific needs. Happy shopping and see you at the checkout! 

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