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At TC Acoustic, we don’t just sell products, we serve happiness.

Tat Chuan Acoustic (TC) is a major audio distributor in South East Asia and Hong Kong. The company carries globally award-winning and category-leading brands such as Sonos, Klipsch, and Marshall.


    TC was established in 1966. In 2010, TC transited to the 2nd generation management and went through an extreme makeover. We installed a new and young staff team, infusing TC with a fresh, entrepreneurial culture and people-first philosophy.

    Today, TC is an agile and creative lifestyle technology distributor and retailer. Our innovative strategies have propelled our brands to bestsellers on Lazada and Shopee online marketplaces. TC has become a world-class ‘go-to’ partner—sought after by retailers both offline and online.


    We believe that in business it is possible to put people above profits and relationships above revenue. As a company, we support and finance causes we believe in. We also see it as our financial and managerial responsibility to empower our team to give both time and money to the causes they believe in as well.


    With the outbreak of Covid-19, we continued to pay not only our staff, but also our freelance promoters through #TCcares.

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    When we entered the earphones market in 2010, we were puzzled that customers couldn’t try earphones before buying them. TC revolutionised the local audio industry by introducing demos in retail stores. We were also the first to pioneer a Training Academy for promoters. TC is not just another company, but a market leader and innovator full of entrepreneurship and creativity.


    What we’re most proud of is our 4.9/5 star Google rating, which speaks of our company’s commitment to relentlessly serve our customers. Our friendly brand ambassadors clock up to 25 hours of product training. Our team also manages live chats from 10am to 8pm. We go the extra mile to be available and meet the needs of our customers. That’s why we’re #EveryonesFavouriteCompany.

At TC Acoustic, we believe that what was excellent yesterday, is mediocre today. That’s why we constantly ask ourselves: “Can we do better?”

In the past few years, we’ve attempted to re-imagine the TC experience at every touchpoint: from immersive pop-up events that our customers love, to creative product launches that media partners rave about. Our team is young (our average age is only 27!), but that means we constantly have creative, cutting-edge ideas and solutions too.

What drives us is not just success, but significance. For us, the purpose of a business is not just to pay the bills or finance a lifestyle; it is to fuel idealism. In fact, our employees have special work arrangements to pursue causes they believe in.

My wish is that you'll get to experience the can-do attitude and genuine care of TC Acoustic. We want to be 'Everyone's Favourite Company', and I certainly hope it'll be yours too.

Christian Honegger
CEO of TC Acoustic