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In-person appointment

  • 1. Booking

    Upon booking, you will receive:
    - A calendar invite
    - An acknowledgement e-mail
  • 2. Appointment Confirmation

    A confirmation email will be sent to you by 12pm the next working day.

    Receiving a confirmation email means:
    i) A replacement product is reserved for you if needed
    ii) A brand specialist is assigned to you
  • 3. Meeting in-person

    A dedicated brand specialist will assist with troubleshooting your product.

    When issue is identified:
    i) Receive a 1-for-1 replacement OR
    ii) Your product will be collected for further testing or repair

Choose a location

  • TC HK Warranty Centre
    at Ngau Tau Kok

    12/F, 133 Wai Yip Street Kwun Tong
    (by Appointment only)

  • “同事服務態度良好,用心了解耳機損壞情況。顧寄查詢音響產品,同事會盡力回答問題。”

    Henry Kwok

  • “My T5 neckband wasn't functioning, so went to TC Acoustic repair. The staff member at the repair center, Christian, was really helpful and provided service in a quick and kind manner. Honestly very happy with this repair service.”

    Kel M. Gor

  • “The staff in the office was nice and patient. Christian helped me a lot to solve my earphone problem, and I felt happy about that. I would like to tell my friend to buy the product from TC Acoustic HK.”

    Pin Tabris

Frequently asked questions

What do I need to bring along for the appointment?

You are almost there to get your items replaced! Just get these item ready when you come for your appointment:

i) Service Request Number - You will have received this number in the acknowledgement email upon scheduling the meeting (Eg. HKSR345)
ii) Proof of purchase if you have selected to bring down your physical receipt - E-copy is fine too!
iii) Faulty Product + Charging Case / Charging accessories - You can keep the rest of the accessories!

Need to reschedule your appointment?

Need to reschedule your appointment? Rescheduling is simple! Click on “reschedule” on the acknowledgement email that was sent to you and you will be led to a website to choose another preferred date.

Alternatively, you can click on the calendar invite and you will be given an option to reschedule.