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Gift Guide for Every Personality

Unwrapping Sonos Move 2 at Christmas

The holiday season is a time of joy, reflection, and gratitude. It’s the perfect time to show appreciation to those who made your year brighter. From the life of every party to the peaceful homebody, here’s a guide to picking the perfect gifts for every unique personality in your life. 

The Party-Starter

House dance party

For the friend who’s finding every reason to have a get together this holiday season. The one who’s got the playlist for every mood, and the moves to match. To keep their party spirit high, gift them with home speakers that’ll make their next movie night with the squad legendary.

We recommend: 

  • Sonos Arc (HK$8,999) – The ultimate wireless Dolby Atmos home theatre soundbar
  • Sonos Sub (HK$6,999) – The world’s best wireless subwoofer for homes
  • Klipsch The Fives (HK$6,999) – The audiophile’s favourite high-resolution bookshelf speakers
  • Klipsch Gig XL (HK$2,399) – Klipsch’s first karaoke-ready portable party speaker. 


    The Outdoor Extrovert

    Sonos Move 2
    Sonos Move 2

    This is for the live DJ at every picnic and hike. Whether they’re by the beach, in the forest, or on a mountain, their energy is infectious. Help them keep the party going under the sun or stars with these portable and outdoor-ready speakers.

    We recommend:

    • Sonos Roam (HK$1,799) – Wifi- and Bluetooth-enabled portable speaker so it’s a portable speaker on-the-go and a home speaker when you’re back
    • Sonos Move Gen 1 (HK$3,799) – The durable, battery-powered smart speaker for outdoor and indoor listening
    • Sonos Move 2 (HK$4,499) – Sonos' most powerful portable speaker that delivers heart-pumping stereo sound wherever you want
    • Klipsch Gig XL (HK$2,399) –   Klipsch’s first karaoke-ready portable party speaker. 


      The Indoor Introvert

      Sonos Era 300

      For the one finds bliss in their personal haven of books, tea, and an ever-growing collection of houseplants. Enhance their sanctuary with speakers that match their vibe for their peaceful days in. 

      We recommend:

      • Sonos Beam (Gen 2) (HK$4,999) – WhatHifi Best Soundbar 2023 Winner 
      • Sonos Era 300 (HK$4,499) – The best Dolby Atmos surround sound room speaker
      • Sonos Era 100 (HK$2,499)  – Compact and powerful room speakers 
      • Klipsch The Sevens (HK$11,999)  – Beautifully-crafted stereo bookself speakers with Bluetooth and HDMI


      The Gift-Giver

      Last but not least, the ultimate gift-giver. They’ve been so busy picking out thoughtful presents for everyone else, it’s time to turn the tables and appreciate them with gifts that match their generous spirit. 

      We recommend:

      • Sonos Ray (HK$2,999) – Entry-level soundbar that’s a great bang for your buck 
      • Sonos One SL (HK$1,849) – Minimalist Wifi-enabled room speaker 
      • Sonos Roam (HK$1,799) – Wifi- and Bluetooth-enabled portable speaker so it’s a portable speaker on-the-go and a home speaker when you’re back
      • Sonos Era 100 (HK$2,499)   – Compact and powerful room speakers 


        We hope this gift guide has helped you decide what to get for your favourite people. Now go out there and put a smile on their faces!