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Work(outs) From Home

Work(outs) From Home

The gyms are closed and our lifestyle has descended even further from sedentary to 'sedatory' with the amount of time we’re reclining at home. To help get you back on your feet and get active, we’ve curated workouts for every kind of person out here. There are two main considerations most of us have when it comes to exercise: (1) How much time we have; (2) Whether we enjoy exercising.

Type #1: Fit, But Busy 

You’re looking for a workout that is quick and ready to go the moment a slot opens up in your schedule. Try downloading an app to help remind you and reduce the time it takes you to get into a workout. Alternatively, you can try printing out the steps to a routine (such as the ones found here:  20-minute HIIT workouts you can do at home) to be reminded anytime on-the-go.

To help you manage both your time, and your workouts better, a Sonos One would be really handy. Here’s how Reagan Kang, co-founder of Haus Athletics has integrated his Sonos setup into his lifestyle.

Type #2: Fit And Not Too Busy 

If you’re someone who is more willing to take time out of your day to be active, try subscribing to a fitness program like Peloton or adidas Training app. Follow along to different kinds of workouts from strength-training to cardio or even flexibility.  Take the chance to push yourself even further with the workout challenges and possibly even find a community that keeps you going too.

You might be in need of earphones that can keep up with you from warm-up to recovery. We recommend the adidas FWD-01 for its sweatproof design and quality sound. It also features passive transparency so that you can hear your surroundings clearly on your evening jogs.

Type #3: Not Fit, But Busy 

Finding the one form of exercise that you enjoy (or least dislike) doing. You need earphones that incentivises you to get moving, and is as versatile as you are. Enter the S1 True Wireless earbuds from Klipsch. It’s legendary sound and true comfort is bound to make workouts be enjoyed and not endured. 

Type #4: Not Fit And Not Too Busy

For those of us who just do not find sweating enjoyable, try following a workout plan. Challenge yourself for 14 days (or even less). The key is choosing one that you find achievable and fulfilling it. You can try this quarantine workout plan by Blogilates if you want to get the most out of the 14 days you set your mind to.

 A workout playlist can motivate you to keep going for one rep longer, one day more. For a stylish bluetooth speaker that can fit in any part of your home, try the Marshall Stockwell. Even on the days you're not working out, you'll be rocking out to your favourite songs with this timeless portable speaker.

Find any of these relatable? Don’t forget to share it with a friend! This is the best time to do all the things we would ‘if I had more time’. It’s time to make permanent changes out of this temporary situation. Stay safe and healthy!